Shatabdi Foundation, Gaya was registered in 2001-01 bearing Registration No- 495/2000-01 and simultaneously started an English medium public school in Gaya namely Shatabdi Public School as its first venture. The special feature of this school is to enlighten the mind and soul of the new generation, to impart quality education with moral orientation, to promote socialization of new generation in a plural society on non-commercial basis. This is the reason that most of the students of this school belong to weaker section, middle class and minority community. It is true that a number of students coming to the school belong to the families where there was no formal education. So, they are first generation students. Anyhow this school is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Delhi upto +2 level in Science and Commerce stream and about 1400 students are enrolled at present.

Since last 2 years, feeling the needs of the surroundings of the school, the Foundation has started “free school” during off-time of the school. About 150 students are getting education upto Std V and not only this the Foundation has selected 3 students from free school to main stream and bearing their school fee and proving free books and uniforms to them.

Apart from this, the Foundation is giving Aids to other schools also to promote education. Among them are:-

  1. Eqbal Nagar School, Gaya
  2. Al-Aman Academy, Karah, Nalanda
  3. Farhan Academy, Hisua
  4. Darsagahe Islami, Islampur
  5. Iqra School, Sahadeokhap
  6. Jamia Haleema Saadia, Bihar Sharif