“Education is helping the mind of the educated to realize about the absolute moral and intellectual values”. To enlighten the mind and soul of the new generation, Shatabdi Public School, Gaya was established in the year 2000, (Inaugurated by SAIYID HAMID, Chancellor of Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi & former Vice-Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh) to promote socialization of new generation in a plural society & to prepare a generation in order to face the challenges of the new ‘Shatabdi’.

A child born in this world must have the freedom to grow without any restriction. The child born will certainly grow into a man or woman, even without any formal education but the same child can grow either into a gentleman or a lady with proper education. Hence provision of proper education is a birthright of all the children to bring in them desirable behavioural change leading to their development into a gentleman or lady. Government of India has rightly introduced the right to education as fundamental rights of all the children between the ages of 6 years to 14 years. Today we can’t think of a free civilized and a democratic society with essential rights and duties of its citizens without education.

Quality and competitiveness in tune with modern necessities to inculcate the leadership qualities in the young generation to face the challenges boldly and successfully should be the goal of education. Education in the institutional form is a social phenomenon. It is part of public policy. There are four players in this game, the individual (the child), the parents, the society (the teacher and the institution) and the government. It is a micro approach in a macro framework.

We, as an institution, are trying our level best to follow that the education consists of methodical socialization of the young generation and that staples of education-knowledge, values, attitudes, skills, habits, disposition etc are part of man’s social heritage and cannot come from within the child. We are working for all round development of a child; our 100 percent focus is to achieve 100 percent. It is possible only due to our dedication, hardwork, discipline, enthusiasm, punctuality and above all our motivation. Either it is scholastic or co-scholastic part of a child we add more attractive and beautiful colours in the long run in the fabric of education so that he/she may become a responsible citizen having strong character and fear of God in their hearts and who would be the trustworthy torch-bearer of the future.