Education and Mission of Shatabdi

Education is a divine act. God Almighty is the greatest teacher. He teaches humans in the wombs of mothers and outside. So spiritual and pious actions are unavoidable like basic needs. Education itself is fourth basic need after bread, clothes and house. First person, (ADAM), whom the God brought on earth learnt, learnt and learnt. An educated person in one who can think, ponder, conceptualise and philosophise. On these four basic talents of an educated person experience weighs very heavily. So, to be really educated, one must have quality experience which a person can gather from all his or her five senses. Written words open civilisations, truth and falsehood, which an educated person can differentiate, history, spirituality and expands boundness of knowledge.

It is mission of Shatabdi to provide quality education without discrimination to one and all. We are striving in that direction successfully. We started in the year 2000 at the turn of the new millennium. Our target is weaker section of the society. Our motto is that quality education should be provided to one all. We are creating our individual and pragmatic niche. We not only educate students but also make them a God fearing person who can give back to the society handsomely. We are working towards enlightening the soul and mind of the new generation. We are nurturing and nourishing creative talents of students along with formal education. Our aim is to guide new generation in a plural society as well as to be able to face challenges of the new millennium.

We firmly believe that with patience, persuasion and perseverance anything can be achieved. The aims and objectives of the school is to make it a centre of excellence by:-

  1. Enlightening the mind and soul of the new generation..
  2. Imparting quality education with moral orientation.
  3. Nurturing and nourishing creative talents of students along with formal education.
  4. Guiding new generation to achieve all-round development.
  5. Promoting socialization of new generation in a plural society.
  6. Preparing the generation in order to face the challenges of the new “Shatabdi”.

The school started functioning in 2000 with classes I to VII, got its affiliation with CBSE,New Delhi for Secondary School in the year 2005 and upgraded for class XII from CBSE,New Delhi in the year 2007.